The Levites’ portion

Torah from Rel. Zionist yeshivas: Why did the Levites not receive a portion in Eretz Yisrael and in the spoils of war like their brethren?

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Eretz Yisrael Yomi

Eretz Yisrael Yomi Courtesy

Written by: Nir Shaul, presented by: Rav Eli Ozarowski

The Lord told Aaron, “You will not have an inheritance in their Land; there will be no portion among them for you. I am your portion and your inheritance among the Israelites.”

The entire tribe of Levi is commanded against receiving an inheritance in the land of Canaan, and they were commanded against receiving a share in the spoil when the cities are conquered, as [Devarim 10:9] states: “The priest and the Levites – the entire tribe of Levi – should not have a portion and an inheritance among Israel.” “A portion” (refers to a portion) of the spoil; “an inheritance” refers to (a portion of) the Land. And Scripture states: “You will not have an inheritance in their Land; there will be no portion among them for you.” If a Levi or a Kohain takes a portion of the spoil, he is punished by lashes. If he takes an inheritance in Eretz [Yisrael], it should be taken from his possession.


At times there are apparent conflicts between two mitzvot, arousing the obvious question of which is to be preferred.

The prohibition of Leviim (and Kohanim) receiving a portion of the Land, apparently negates the Torah’s command “You shall clear out the Land and settle in it, for I have given you the Land to occupy it” . Rambam explains the reason the Tribe of Levi has no portion of the Land:

Why did the Levites not receive a portion in the inheritance of Eretz Yisrael and in the spoils of war like their brethren? Because they were set aside to serve God and minister unto Him and to instruct people at large in His just paths and righteous judgments, as the verse states: “They will teach Your judgments to Jacob and Your Torah to Israel.”

Torah study is definitely a great matter, as the Mishna states “And Torah study is equal to them all” (i.e., all other mitzvot). However, the mitzva of settling Eretz Yisrael is great as well, and it too is considered the equal of all other mitzvot.

Why does mitzva of the Leviim to study and teach Torah take precedence over settling the Land? Leviim are not exempt from the mitzva of lulav, or from the obligation to do gemilut cḥassadim, or to prepare for Shabbat because of their obligation to teach Torah. Chazal (Our Sages) taught that “The essential thing is not study, but deed” , and in the case of a mitzva which cannot be fulfilled by others, the obligation of Torah study is suspended. [Gemara Mo’ed Katan 9b]

Chatam Sofer (1762-1839) also teaches that settling the Land suspends the obligation of Torah study, and writes:

“Rabbi Yishmael’s opinion that the posuk (verse) “You shall gather your grain” obligates one to work the fields applies only in Eretz Yisrael when the majority of Jews are within her, for then working the fields itself is an aspect of the mitzva to settle the Land and bring out her holy fruit, and thus the Torah commands “You shall gather your grain.” “Boaz is winnowing the threshing-floor of the barley tonight …” – because it is a mitzva.

“Just as one does not say “I will not put on tefilin because I am engaged in Torah study,” one may not say “I shall not gather my grain because I am engaged in Torah study.” It is possible that other professions which contribute to settling the world are included in this mitzva (of gathering grain), however, due to our sins, when we are scattered among the nations, Rabbi Yishmael accepts the opinion of Rabbi Shimon bar Yocḥai that “If a man ploughs in the ploughing season, sows in the sowing season, reaps in the reaping season, threshes in the threshing season and winnowing in the winnowing season, what is to become of Torah?” (See the Talmudic discussion, Berachot 35b.) On this basis, we accept the approach of Rabbi Nehorai “I abandon every trade in the world and teach my son Torah only.” [Kiddushin 82a]

This being the case, why did the Torah suspend the mitzva of settling Eretz Yisrael in face of the obligation of the Leviim of Torah study?

First Level: Respectable Livelihood for the King’s Servants

In explaining the underlying reasoning behind the mitzva prohibiting giving Leviim a portion of the Land [Mitzva 504], Sefer HaChinuch refers his readers to his comments on the mitzva of giving Ma’aser Rishon to Leviim [Mitzva 395], where he writes:

“The roots of the Mitzva (i.e., the underlying concept) is that God chose the Tribe of Levi from among its brethren to serve in the Temple, therefore, in His grace, He grants them livelihood in a respectable manner, for it is appropriate for royal servants to have their meals readily available and prepared by others, so they not have to toil in anything except the precious royal service.

“That is, after the sin of the golden calf, God chose the Leviim to serve in the Beit HaMikdash (Temple), and in that choice, He exempted them from the need to work to support themselves. In ancient times, one who did not own a field could not work for his own sustenance. The Midrash expounds:

“The Leviim shall be Mine” – whoever brings God near to himself, God brings near to Him, as the verse states “And Moshe said: ‘Whoever is for the Lord, (come) to me!’ And all the sons of Levi gathered around him.” They came close to me and I shall bring them close to Me, “The Leviim shall be Mine.”

The Leviim are the “King’s legion” whose function is to “teach Your judgments to Yaacov and Your Torah to Yisrael.” From the Tribe of Levi, God chose those who carried the Mishkan in the wilderness and the Kohanim who brought sacrifices to atone for Am Yisrael, and the Kohain Gadol, who entered the Kodesh HaKodashim (Holy of Holies) on Yom Kippur.

The Cities of the Leviim

The Leviim were given forty-eight cities throughout Eretz Yisrael, indicating that on some level they did fulfill the mitzva of settling the Land, yet they were not to take an inheritance (nacḥala) within the Land. Other than their cities, Leviim did not have a portion of the Land to give to their heirs or to consider their own. Ra’avad goes so far as to write that the cities of the Leviim actually belonged to the shevatim (tribes) in whose territory they were located. The Leviim had no independent portion of the Land, merely the minimum for dwelling and to meet their basic needs.

They had an area of 1000 amot (approximately 500 meters) surrounding their cities, to be used for their livestock and other needs. The Leviim had an additional 1000 amot (Rashi’s opinion; 2000 amot in Rambam’s opinion) for fields and vineyards. Almost nothing!

Though planting trees and working fields is part of the mitzva of settling Eretz Yisrael, as Rashbash notes in his responsa [Number 1], the mitzva has three components: aliya, building or buying homes within the Land and planting within her. As we noted, the Leviim were not able to fulfill these aspects of the mitzva.

It is not unique that a group within Am Yisrael (the Nation of Israel) was exempted from a particular mitzva and focused on others, since we find numerous mitzvot which apply to part of the nation, rather than its entirety, such as time-bound mitzvot from which women are exempt, while the mitzva to bring a sacrifice after giving birth [Number 168 in Sefer HaChinuch’s list] is unique to women. Thus, Leviim were designated to spread Torah throughout Israel and to serve in the Beit HaMikdash and they were correspondingly the privilege of building up the Land was taken from them.

Second Level: Leviim Must be Heavenly, While the Essence of Eretz Yisrael is Sanctifying the Mundane

In the early part of Sefer Kuzari , Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi presents a novel concept. Existence is to be divided not only into inanimate, plant, animal and man, who is capable of speech, but there is a fifth (and higher) level: Israel. Rabbi Yehuda HaLevi adds that the level of Israel is that of angels. In support of this contention, Kuzari writes that Moshe endured fire at Mount Sinai without being injured, he neither ate nor drank for forty days on Sinai, his face shown with brilliance which the human eye could not tolerate , he was never ill and never became weak , and past and future were fully revealed to him.

Kuzari’s comment is problematic: that Moshe had all these qualities seemingly does not prove the lofty level of all Israel; we must understand that Rabbi Yehuda haLevi’s point is that every individual within Am Yisrael has the potential to reach the level of angels.

Once the Levi’im were chosen, as it were, to be the connecting link between the Creator and His nation, He endowed them with these special qualities. Indeed, they have Divine assistance in Torah and in their holy work, as Chazal taught, and Abravanel comments , the Camp of the Shechina in the wilderness was opposite the world of angels, the Camp of the Leviim was opposite the intermediate heavenly world and the Camp of Israel opposite the lower world.

Shem MiShmuel explains that the special quality of Kohanim is thought – improper thought of a Kohain invalidates his work in the Beit HaMikdash; for Leviim, the special quality is speech, since song was an essential part of their service; the trait of Israel is deeds. Shem MiShmuel posits that whoever is on a higher level raises others to his level. Thus, the portions given to Kohanim are not charity, in which the donor has a level of superiority over the recipient, rather a means of connecting to the higher level of Kohanim and drawing power from that connection. For this reason, the entire Tribe of Levi receives special portions without themselves being directly connected to the Land, whose earthly aspect is sanctified.

Thus, writes Rabbi Kook zt”l: “The sanctity within nature is the sanctity of Eretz Yisrael,” that is, the essence of Eretz Yisrael is to sanctify the mundane. Rabbi Kook writes further:

Great is the physical demand on us. We require a healthy body. Having devoted so much to spirituality, we have neglected the sanctity of the body. We have abandoned physical health and strength; we have forgotten that we have holy flesh, no less than holy spirit. We have left the practical life, developing our senses and the connection with physical – tangible reality due to failure of our belief in the sanctity of the Land. “Belief – this is the order of Zeraim (the order of Mishna which deals with planting in Israel and the halachot related to what is grown in the Land) – one who believes in worldly life and plants.” We will achieve repentance only when, along with the full spiritual glory, our physical repentance creates healthy blood, healthy flesh, strong well-sculpted bodies, and with a fiery spirit shining over strong muscles. With the strength of flesh which has been sanctified, our souls which have been strengthened will shine, as a hint of the physical resurrection of the dead.

True belief in the sanctity of the Land strengthens the flesh which God has given us as well as our spiritual side.


We presented two explanations for the fact that Leviim were not given a portion of the Land:

1. They are the “King’s Legion” and it is therefore appropriate that their livelihood should be provided for them, without the need for them to work hard.

2. The Leviim have a higher level of ability to connect heaven and earth and to connect Am Yisrael and its Father in Heaven, thus they receive gifts of the fruit of the Land, which are earmarked for God, Who gives them to the Tribe of Levi. In this way, the Leviim connect to and raise the rest of the nation spiritually.

These points explain the necessity of the gifts to the Tribe of Levi as compensation for not having a portion of the Land.

The Economy of Eretz Yisrael

Chatam Sofer, cited above, expanded the concept of settling the Land from agriculture to all occupations which develop the Land, including all within the mitzva. Thank God, the economy of Eretz Yisrael is truly blossoming. Beyond agriculture, there are areas in which Israel competes for first place in the world. We may understand from Chatam Sofer’s comments that Chazals’ comment that the surest sign of the impending redemption is Eretz Yisrael producing its fruit abundantly [Sanhedrin 98a] applies also to all aspects of the Land’s blossoming.

May it be God’s will that we merit continued prosperity in our Land and the arrival of Mashiaḥ through the abundant blessings of the Land. Amen.


This Week’s Parshah – B’midbar (Numbers) 18.20

What does the verse B’midbar (Numbers) 18.20 mean when it says: “I am your inheritance and portion?” How can HaShem be a portion and inheritance? I am reminded of the verse which says: “I would that you all were prophets of HaShem”; and the verse: “They shall all know Me from the least to the greatest.” and also the verse: “I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh.” And then there is the verse in Ezekiel 44.23, 28 which says that the Levites impart knowledge of holiness which must mean that they speak a level or degree of prophesy…. For the verse [28] says: “And it shall be unto them for an inheritance: I am their inheritance; and ye shall give them no possession in Israel: I am their possession.” B’midbar (Numbers) 18.20 “The L-RD said to Aaron, You shall not inherit in their land, and you shall have no portion among them. I am your inheritance and portion among the children of Israel.”

Senate Republicans Move To Require Congressional Approval for New Iran Deal

The Washington Free Beacon

National Security

Bill is last-ditch effort to stop Biden from awarding Iran with billions of dollars in sanctions relief

Mohammed Javad Zarif and John Kerry in 2016 (Don Emmert/AFP via Getty Images)

Adam Kredo • June 11, 2021 9:40 am


Senate Republicans introduced on Friday legislation that would require President Joe Biden to obtain congressional approval before he signs any new nuclear deal with Iran, according to a copy of that bill obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

While Senate Republicans stand little chance of forcing the bill through a Democrat-controlled chamber, the measure represents a last-ditch effort by GOP hawks to stop the Biden administration from granting Iran billions of dollars in cash windfalls and sanctions relief. The bill also caps months of Republican maneuvering in both chambers of Congress to block the administration’s ongoing diplomacy with Iran.

The State Department on Thursday took the unilateral step of removing sanctions on several former Iranian officials and businesses, leading to speculation that a deal is on the horizon. State Department spokesman Ned Price slapped down such speculation, telling reporters there is “absolutely no connection” between negotiations and the decision to roll back sanctions. While senior Biden administration officials vowed earlier in the year that sanctions relief would not be provided until Iran agrees to significantly roll back its nuclear program, ongoing talks in Vienna have stalled. Iranian officials have been clear in their demand that all sanctions levied by the Trump administration be removed as a precondition for a revamped nuclear deal.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.) and 21 of his GOP colleagues are spearheading the bill, which says that any deal reached by the Biden administration must be considered a treaty and be brought before the Senate for approval. Treaties must be ratified by two-thirds of the Senate, meaning that Democrats would not have the votes needed to pass it given their razor-thin majority. The Obama administration avoided bringing the original nuclear agreement before the Senate for ratification as a treaty because of concerns it would fail to garner enough votes.

The bill also sends a message to Iran: Without congressional approval, any deal inked by the Biden administration stands little chance of surviving into the next Republican White House. The Trump administration nixed the original 2015 deal in 2018 with little resistance since it was not a treaty. A future Republican administration could do the same, meaning that any sanctions relief granted by Biden’s team has little chance of standing the test of time.

“President Reagan was right when he said you achieve peace through strength. Unfortunately, our adversaries understand the Biden administration will chart the same weak and disastrous course as President Obama,” Johnson said in a statement. “It’s clear the Biden administration is in the business of appeasing adversaries like Russia, state sponsors of terrorism like Iran, and Iran’s terrorist proxies like Hamas. Instead of addressing the threats these actors pose, the administration will coddle the Iranian regime and ignore its malign activity throughout the region.”

Any potential agreement with Iran, Johnson said, “involves risks that affect our entire nation. It is critical to the security of America and to world peace that any deal Biden negotiates with Iran be deemed a treaty requiring approval by the U.S. Senate.”

The legislation is cosponsored by many leading GOP foreign policy voices in the Senate, including Foreign Affairs Committee ranking member James Risch (Idaho), Ted Cruz (Texas), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Tom Cotton (Ark.), Ben Sasse (Neb.), Mike Lee (Utah), Tim Scott (S.C.), Joni Ernst (Iowa), and John Barrasso (Wyo.).

In addition to requiring Senate approval for a nuclear deal, the GOP bill would prohibit the Biden administration from waiving, suspending, reducing, or providing Iran with relief from economic sanctions.

Twitter Receipt of Correspondence – RE: Pakistan Blasphemy Law

Twitter Receipt of Correspondence


Twitter Legal <>Tue, Jun 8 at 5:17 PM

Hello @JohnHummasti,

In the interest of transparency, we are writing to inform you that Twitter has received a request from Pakistan Law Enforcement regarding your Twitter account, @JohnHummasti, that claims the following content violates the law(s) of Pakistan.

We have not taken any action on the reported content at this time as a result of this request.

As Twitter strongly believes in defending and respecting the voice of our users, it is our policy to notify our users if we receive a legal request from an authorized entity (such as law enforcement or a government agency) to remove content from their account. We provide notice whether or not the user lives in the country where the request originated. This page provides more information:

We understand that receiving this type of notice can be an unsettling experience. While Twitter is not able to provide legal advice, we want you to have an opportunity to evaluate the request and, if you wish, take appropriate action to protect your interests. This may include seeking legal counsel and challenging the request in court, contacting relevant civil society organizations, voluntarily deleting the content (if applicable), or finding some other resolution. For more information on legal requests Twitter receives from governments worldwide, please refer to this article on our Help Center and our biannual Transparency Report:



Who is The Erev Rav?

Who is The Erev Rav?

Who is The Erev Rav? Do they ‘run’ the world? Are they an evil regime with a lot of power?

Erev Rav (Hebrew: עֵרֶב רַב‎ erev rav “mixed multitude”) was a group that included Egyptians and others who had joined the Tribes of Israel on the Exodus.[1] According to Jewish tradition, they were accepted by Moses as an integral part of the people. Their influence is said to have been involved in the golden calf and other incidents where the people questioned Moses and his laws.



According to contemporary Jewish Orthodox commentary Da’at Miqra, the words roughly correspond to the “mixed many”, while Targum Onkelos translates it as “many foreigners”. The term appears in Exodus 12:38: “A mixed crowd also went up with them, and livestock in great numbers, both flocks and herds” (NRSV). The “mixed crowd” is an English rendering of Erev Rav. While Exodus 12:38 is the only mention of the complete term Erev Rav in the entire Tanakh, the term Erev by itself (which also means evening in Hebrew),[2] also appears in Nehemiah 13:3, where it is used to refer to non-Jews.[3] Biblical scholar Shaul Bar has suggested that the term may have referred specifically to foreign mercenaries who intermarried with the Israelite people in Egypt.[3] Israel Knohl suggested that the word erev may be cognate to the Akkadian urbi, referring to a kind of soldier.

Jewish tradition

According to the Arizal, in every generation, the souls of the Erev Rav are reincarnated in numerous individuals.[4] The Zohar, which is the foundational text for Kabbalistic thought, says the Erev Rav not only exist in every generation, but they are the cause for most of the problems affecting the Jewish people.[5] Currently, the term “Erev Rav” is used by Jews in a derogatory manner to describe someone who is perceived as a traitor.[6]

– Watch Part 1 Where Rabbi Alon Anava explains who the Erev Rav are

22,023 views•Jun 7, 2021

Watch Part 2 Where Rabbi Alon Anava finishes explaining who the Erev Rav are

Ilhan Omar: ‘Comparison was only regarding ICC cases’

Ilhan Omar clarifies remarks on Hamas, US and Israel, claims she made no ‘moral comparison’ between terror groups and US and Israel.

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Ilhan OmarIlhan OmarReuters

Following the request of a dozen Jewish Democrats in Congress asked Rep. Ilhan Omar to clarify remarks in which she grouped Hamas and the Taliban with the United States and Israel, Omar issued a clarification of her intent, claiming she had been misunderstood.

“On Monday, I asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken about ongoing International Criminal Court investigations,” Omar said Thursday afternoon. “To be clear: the conversation was about accountability for specific incidents regarding those ICC cases, not a moral comparison between Hamas and the Taliban and the US and Israel. I was in no way equating terrorist organizations with democratic countries with well-established judicial systems.”

She was replying to a request late Wednesday from 12 of the 25 Jewish Democrats in the US House of Representatives to clarify her earlier statements in which she grouped the United States and Israel with the Taliban and Hamas. That request came out of a meeting earlier of the unofficial caucus of House Jewish Democrats in which Brad Schneider of Illinois made the case for a statement calling out Omar.

Omar’s tweet Monday said, “We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. … We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.”

The House leadership team, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, (D-Calif.), on Thursday welcomed the clarification.

“Drawing false equivalencies between democracies like the US and Israel and groups that engage in terrorism like Hamas and the Taliban foments prejudice and undermines progress toward a future of peace and security for all,” said a statement from Pelosi’s office. “We welcome the clarification by Congresswoman Omar that there is no moral equivalency between the US and Israel and Hamas and the Taliban.”

Omar’s tweet on Monday tweet sparked immediate outrage from Republicans, Israeli officials and some pro-Israel groups.

Omar’s intent seemed clearer if one watched the video that accompanied her tweet. It showed her question and answer session in Congress the same day, where she pressed Blinken on how the Biden administration proposed that alleged victims of war crimes seek redress, given that it opposed the ICC investigations into the two conflicts she cited.

“Where do we think victims are supposed to go for justice, and what justice mechanisms do you support?” she asked Blinken.

An hour or so after the Jewish Democrats released their formal request, following a long meeting in which the propriety of doing so was debated, Omar tweeted that threats against her had intensified because of the controversy. She said the request for clarification — which she fulfilled 12 hours later — was itself bigoted. She was also furious that did not first reach out to her.

“It’s shameful for colleagues who call me when they need my support to now put out a statement asking for ‘clarification’ and not just call,” she said. “The Islamophobic tropes in this statement are offensive. The constant harassment & silencing from the signers of this letter is unbearable.”

Omar’s Jewish spokesman, Jeremy Slevin, in a separate tweet claimed that accusing a Muslim member of Congress of covering for terrorism was Islamophobic.


Yigdal is often sung at the conclusion of Shabbat evening services. The prayer is a poetic adaptation of Maimonides’ 13 principles of faith.

For a video tutorial of Yigdal, click here

To listen to Yochanan trope Yigdal click here

יִגְדַּל אֱלֹהִים חַי וְיִשְׁתַּבַּח, נִמְצָא וְאֵין עֵת אֶל מְצִיאוּתוֹ

yigdal elohim khai v’yishtabakh, nimtza v’ein eit el metziyuto

Acclaim and praise the living God who exists beyond the boundaries of time

אֶחָד וְאֵין יָחִיד כְּיִחוּדוֹ, נֶעְלָם וְגַם אֵין סוֹף לְאַחְדוּתוֹ

echad v’ein yakhid k’yikhudo, ne’elam v’gam ein sof l’akhduto

Most singular of all, concealed and yet also without bound

אֵין לוֹ דְמוּת הַגּוּף וְאֵינוֹ גוּף, לֹא נַעֲרֹךְ אֵלָיו קְדֻשָּׁתוֹ

ein lo d’mut ha’guf v’eino guf, lo na’arokh eilav kedushato

He has no body — nor even the appearance of a body, it is impossible to measure his holiness

קַדְמוֹן לְכָל דָּבָר אֲשֶׁר נִבְרָא, רִאשׁוֹן וְאֵין רֵאשִׁית לְרֵאשִׁיתוֹ

kadmon k’khol davar asher nivra, rishon v’ein reishit l’reishito

Prior to everything that was created, first of all, and yet himself without a beginning

הִנּוֹ אֲדוֹן עוֹלָם לְכָל נוֹצָר, יוֹרֶה גְדֻלָּתוֹ וּמַלְכוּתוֹ

hino adon olam l’khol notzar, yoreh gedulato u’malkhuto

Behold the master of the world, every creature is in awe of his greatness and his sovereignty

שֶׁפַע נְבוּאָתוֹ נְתָנוֹ, אֶל אַנְשֵׁי סְגֻלָּתוֹ וְתִפְאַרְתּוֹ

shefa nevu’ato netano, el anshei segulato v’tifarto

An abundance of prophetic inspiration was given to the people who are God’s treasure and glory

לֹא קָם בְּיִשׂרָאֵל כְּמשֶׁה עוֹד, נָבִיא וּמַבִּיט אֶת תְּמוּנָתוֹ

lo kam b’yisrael k’moshe od, navi u’mabit et t’munato

In Israel there never arose another prophet like Moses, able to see God’s likeness

תּוֹרַת אֱמֶת נָתַן לְעַמּוֹ אֵל, עַל יַד נְבִיאוֹ נֶאֱמַן בֵּיתוֹ

torat emet natan l’amo el, al yad neviyo ne’eman beito

God gave a true Torah to his people, through the hand of his prophet, trusted in his house

לֹא יַחֲלִיף הָאֵל וְלֹא יָמִיר דָּתוֹ, לְעוֹלָמִים לְזוּלָתוֹ

lo yakhalif ha’el v’lo yamir dato, l’olamim l’zulato

God will never alter the divine law or exchange it for another, forever and ever

צוֹפֶה וְיוֹדֵעַ סְתָרֵינוּ, מַבִּיט לְסוֹף דָּבָר בְּקַדְמָתוֹ

tzofe v’yodeya s’tareinu, mabit l’sof davar b’kadmato

God sees and knows our secret thoughts, and foresees their consequences from the very beginning

גּוֹמֵל לְאִישׁ חֶסֶד כְּמִפְעָלוֹ, נוֹתֵן לְרָשָׁע רַע כְּרִשְׁעָתוֹ

gomel l’ish khesed k’mifalo, noten l’rasha ra k’rishato

God repays each righteous person for his actions, and punishes the wicked in proportion to their wickedness

יִשְׁלַח לְקֵץ יָּמִין מְשִׁיחֵנוּ, לִפְדּוֹת מְחַכֵּי קֵץ יְשׁוּעָתוֹ

yishlakh l’keitz yamin m’shikheinu, lifdot m’khakei keitz yeshu’ato

At the end of time, God will send the Messiah, to redeem those who wait for his salvation

מֵתִים יְחַיֶּה אֵל בְּרֹב חַסְדּוֹ, בָּרוּךְ עֲדֵי עַד שֵׁם תְּהִלָּתוֹ

meitim yekhayeh el b’rov khasdo, barukh adei ad shem tehilato

God will revive the dead in his full kindness, may his name be blessed and praised forever

Intelligence Ministry: PA construction threatens national security

Intelligence Ministry releases report warning PA attempting to choke Jewish communities, create connections with Arab Israelis and Bedouin.

Tags: Illegal Construction Eli Cohen Judea And Samaria Arutz Sheva Staff , Jun 10 , 2021 6:25 PM Share
Illegal construction

Illegal construction Regavim

The Intelligence Ministry has produced a new report stating that the illegal Palestinian Authority construction in Judea and Samaria constitutes a threat to Israel’s national security, Channel 12 News reported.

The report for the first time also deals with the PA’s activities in Areas A and B in addition to Area C, It states that the PA is openly working “to create conditions for a future connection between the Palestinian state and areas with an Arab majority in the State of Israel and the Bedouin settlements in the Negev.”

The report details data on the expansion of PA construction in recent years, which is flowing into Area C. Among other things, it was described that the localities of Otniel and Elon Moreh are surrounded by Arab construction which could harm their security.

In addition, it has been described that in recent years extensive construction has been carried out near major traffic arteries, and the effectiveness of the separation fence in the center of the country and in the Jerusalem envelope in terms of its security value for Israel has eroded.

“The Palestinian Authority is deliberately and illegally taking over the territories,” said Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen. “This is part of the Palestinian attempt to establish a state by establishing facts on the ground. I conveyed to the cabinet the recommendations of the Intelligence Ministry to deal with this ticking bomb immediately, before it is too late. We must immediately stop the continued illegal takeover of land by construction and development.”

The report was initiated by Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen following a tour of the area with attorney Avichai Boaron, who said: “Until today, the State of Israel had no idea what was happening in the open areas of Judea and Samaria. Now there is finally an operational strategic plan to deal with the ticking bomb and the cabinet must adopt the plan and pass an urgent government decision.”

Boaron added: “This is a planned and intended trend to create a state within a state. The Knesset of Israel has a duty to rectify this and address this super-strategic issue immediately, so that in a few years we will not find ourselves besieged in the heart of Jerusalem as if we are in Netzarim in Gush Katif.”

Report: Biden administration seeking to expand Abraham Accords

Biden administration reportedly planning to encourage more Arab countries to sign accords with Israel.

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Presenting the Abraham Accords

Presenting the Abraham Accords Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

The Biden administration is laying the groundwork for a renewed push to encourage more Arab countries to sign accords with Israel and working to strengthen existing deals, The Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

The embrace of the so-called Abraham Accords is a rare carryover of a signature Trump administration policy by President Joe Biden and other Democrats, noted the report.

The Biden administration saw significant prospects of several other Arab governments signing accords soothing and normalizing relations with Israel. US officials have declined to publicly identify the countries they regard as promising prospects.

The recent 11-day war between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers has complicated US-backed diplomacy for new accords, according to AP.

The report also said that the Biden administration is considering appointing a former US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, to a Mideast role that would marshal and potentially expand the country-by-country accords between Israel and Mideast governments.

US officials also are working to encourage more business, education and other ties among the four Arab states and Israel. They hope visible success there will also promote the bilateral accords in the region, at the same time the US works to advance resolution of the Israel-Palestinian-Arab conflict.

Wednesday’s report is significant, given that the Washington Free Beacon reported last week that the Biden State Department appears to be distancing itself from the Abraham Accords.

The report said that the State Department discourages employees from referring to the peace agreements by its official name and has erased the name from a wide array of official State Department communications. It added that the State Department prefers to use the term “normalization agreements”.

President Joe Biden last month spoke by phone with United Arab Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and stressed the strategic importance of the normalization of relations between the UAE and Israel.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said shortly after he took office that the Biden administration supports the Abraham Accords.

“We think that Israel normalizing relations with its neighbors and other countries in the region is a very positive development, and so we applauded them. We hope that there may be an opportunity to build on them in the coming months and years ahead,” he said at the time.

Netanyahu asks Gantz to delay demolition of Evyatar until next week

PM seeks to push decision on what to do with Samaria community ordered destroyed to next government.

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EvyatarEvyatarYehonatan Gottleib

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Defense Minister Benny Gantz to delay the evacuation of the Samaria outpost of Evyatar until next week, after the next government is sworn in.

Sources in the settlement movement say the move is designed to prevent one of the last acts of Netanyahu’s government to be the destruction of a Jewish community.

Netanyahu prefers to hand over the decision to the designated prime minister, Naftali Bennett, who is not expected to rush the order to demolish Evyatar, to either regulate the community or find a solution for the dozens of families who have moved to the new settlement near the Tapuach junction.

At the beginning of the week, a “demarcation order” was imposed on the settlement, signed by the General Command of the Central Command. The order prevents the importation of building materials and is valid until Monday. As of Monday, no one will enter or stay in the area of ​​the settlement and even those who live there will be required to leave with their belongings. It will also not be possible to enter property or physically enter the place afterwards.

The chairman of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, moved his office to the town of Evyatar, which was reestablished about four weeks ago. Dagan held his first working meeting with MK Moshe Arbel of Shas, who came to strengthen the settlement and even participated with the head of the Samaria Council in setting the mezuzah at the entrance to the office.

The settlement of Evyatar was established immediately after the murder of Evyatar Borowski in a stabbing attack at the Tapuach junction 8 years ago, and its construction was renewed about a month ago after the murder of Yehuda Guetta in the shooting attack at the Tapuach junction . Roads were paved and a nursery, beit midrash, water, electricity and internet infrastructure were established. 47 families moved into the community.