The ‘Islamophobia’ industry’s attempt to shut down all criticism of Islam

Exposing the role that Islamic jihad theology and ideology play in the modern global conflicts. Diane Bederman latest book. Interview.

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Charlie Hebdo takeoffCharlie Hebdo takeoff

In Diane Weber Bederman’s latest book, The Islamophobia Industry: The Insidious Infiltration of Islam into the West, she provides an essential reality check about the “Islamophobia” industry’s aim to shut down all criticism of Islam, while propagating the irrational and damaging view of Islam as a “race.”

By now, it should be well understood that freedom of expression in free societies incorporates the right to offend. One does not have the same right to offend Islam and Muslim sensibilities in Sharia states, or even in many majority-Muslim countries. In the current era, the Muslim Brotherhood, supported by its affiliates and Islamic countries such as Qatar, has infiltrated free societies at every level, working to instill a fear of criticizing the Islamic ideology. Diane Bederman effectively points out that by means of an “islamophobia” industry that is handsomely funded from abroad, there is an aggressive push to silence anyone who criticizes or questions any aspect of Islam.

Bederman’s book explains how the “Islamophobia” industry has managed to insidiously dominate the anti-racism network, attempting to turn Islam, a religion and a political ideology, into a race. She also warns about the manipulation of lawfare in order to stop criticism of Islam which is deemed “offensive,” “racist,” and “hateful,” and thus contrary to human rights.

Diane Weber Bederman is a multifaith-endorsed, hospital-trained chaplain with a background in science and the humanities. She is a columnist and blogger who is passionate about religion, ethics, politics, and mental health. She is also the author of The Serpent and the Red Thread: The Definitive Biography of Evil and Back to the Ethic: Reclaiming Western Values. I had a few questions of my own for Ms Bederman:

What motivated you to write this book?

We are experiencing a rise in Jew-hatred across the world. There are those who say it is coming from the right; white supremacists and Nazism, but in fact, it is coming from the left and Islam. While researching Jew-hatred, which is shared in Islam, I learned more about Islamophobia; the “irrational” fear of Islam and that we must never criticize Islam. Yet, at the same time, Islam criticizes the West.

Take for example: Mazin AbdulAdhim, a prominent Canadian Muslim scholar and Imam of Iraqi descent and affiliated with the pro-Caliphate Islamic global movement of Hizb ut-Tahrir shared this January 17, 2019, on his Facebook page:

“In terms of morality, the West is absolutely a cesspool of corruption and depravity.”

It is a common phenomenon to compare the so-called “far right” with Nazism today, which is peculiar given that Hitler’s party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. In recent times, it is telling that the Nazi flag has been raised in Gaza. You wrote a chapter entitled: “What Did Islam Learn From Nazism?” Can you tell us about those lessons and how, in your view, they have had an impact upon antisemitism today?

Jew-hatred was spread far and wide long before Hitler came to power. Jew hatred in Germany was shared by theologians, professors, in the media, in government and through antisemitic associations. Today, Jew-hatred from the left and right have come together, sharing this common hatred. Like Nazism, Islam has infiltrated our universities, media, government, and sadly, too many share hate; for Jews and Christians.

I provide these examples in my book:

Imam Raed Saleh Al-Rousan, from Tajweed Institute Islamic Center in Houston, Texas preached and posted on Youtube and Facebook the full hadith in Arabic calling for the murder of Jews: “The Muslims will kill the Jews, and the Jews will hide behind the stones and the trees, and the stones and the trees will say: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him, except for the Gharqad tree, which is one of their trees.” He is not alone.

Omar Suleiman the founder and president of the Dallas-based Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research wrote on his Facebook page, “God willing on this blessed night as the 3rd Intifada begins, the beginning of the end of Zionism is here. May Allah help us overcome this monster, protect the innocent of the world, and accept the murdered as martyrs.”

He wrote on Facebook in 2015, ““Want to know what its [sic] like to live under Nazis? Look no further than how the Palestinians are treated daily by apartheid Israel.” Suleiman is also a supporter of the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.

And then there is Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada of the Muslim Youth of Victoria Islamic Center, British Columbia, Canada. Here are his words following the fall of Afghanistan and its takeover by the Taliban, August 20, 2021:

Kathrada emphasized that the Jews and Christians are the enemies of the Muslims. He prayed to Allah to grant victory to the mujahideen who wage Jihad in Afghanistan and success to the “brothers” in establishing shari’a.

“The [Jews and Christians] are willing to spend mountains of gold in order to take us away from Islam…”They will attack what is most sacred to us. But all of that [which] they do is only a small portion of what is really in their hearts, of the hatred that they have towards us in their hearts…”

“Do not think that the Jews and Christians are our friends – they are our enemies…”

Is it any wonder that hatred for Jews, antisemitism, is on the rise when it comes from the right and the left?

You highlight the fact that educating the West is key. There are many who have paid a dear price for trying to educate the public about how we are losing our freedoms in the face of Islamic supremacist incursions. In your view, how could a broader range of citizens aid in this battle to defend all our freedoms?

Too many, today, live in fear; mostly of being canceled, attacked by friends and family for sharing views that have been deemed racist. Islamic supremacists have managed to convince us that Islam is a “race,” since they know that it is unacceptable for Westerners to criticize anyone based on race. But Islam is not a race. It is a religion with core ideologies that are not compatible with Western Values. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has stated, as I point out in my book: “The political system of Islam is totally incompatible with western democracy.” Freedom is not “free.” It must be protected.

That the West is open and tolerant and inclusive does not mean that we should be open to ideologies that are diametrically opposed to our values. It takes courage to speak up, to fight for our values. Our grandparents fought for our freedom in wars oversees. Our freedom is under attack, here. We must fight, here, for our children and grandchildren, to protect our institutions and our values or the West will fall.

I have shared facts about Islam and its insidious infiltration into the West. Learn them and fight back. Do not fear, for fear leads to submission and your silence is collusion.

Diane Bederman’s exposé captures the urgency of understanding the threat to all freedoms from a doctrine that has infiltrated every layer of Western society.

Diane Bederman Book Cover witer

The Islamophobia Industry: The Insidious Infiltration of Islam into the West can be ordered HERE. Reposted from Jihad Watch.

Hasmonean-era coin, seal discovered in Jerusalem Arab’s home

Items date back to first century BCE, including a coin embossed with Temple menorah and a seal featuring ancient Hebrew lettering and image of olive-oil lamp.

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Part of the trovePart of the trove Police spokesperson

On the penultimate day of Chanukah, police detectives discovered a number of valuable archaeological items, among them a coin from the Hasmonean era, in the possession of an Arab from eastern Jerusalem. The Hasmonean-era coin is marked with the image of a menorah, the ritual candelabra that was used in the Holy Temple.

Police detectives from the Jerusalem district were searching the home of the Jerusalem Arab, a man in his thirties, when they found dozens of ancient coins of great value. The suspect has been detained for questioning and the coins have been transferred to the Jerusalem police department, prior to being examined by the Antiquities Authority.

Among the coins is one that appears to date back to the times of the High Priest Mattityahu Antigonos, who lived in the first century BCE. The coin has the image of the Temple menorah embossed upon it. Another item that was retrieved is a seal, also dating back to the Hasmonean period, which features lettering in ancient Hebrew script as well as the image of an olive-oil lamp.

Why are Orthodox Jewish leaders praising Doug Emhoff?

Orthodox rabbis, since halakha is that a person’s Jewish lineage is from a Jewish mother, are setting a dangerous precedent. Opinion.

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Kamala Harris and Doug EmhoffKamala Harris and Doug Emhoff Reuters

Hannukah is the festival of miracles, not intermarriage.
Let me be clear- I am nobody’s rabbi and although I am a proud Republican, this article is based on my take of Halakha, not the executive actions coming from the Biden administration.

The past few days among all the fried food and community candle lighting ceremonies, the media has been flooded with pictures and stories of Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, lighting the candles as the Jewish representative of the administration.

He is being praised by Orthodox rabbis as a “Jew.”

Yes, he was born Jewish. Yes, there have been photo opportunities using Emhoff as the “token” Jew in the White House eating our foods, sharing our traditions and attending events.

Any person in his position would do it.

But, praising his “Jewishness” is another story.

He is an example of one of the worst kinds of Jews. With Jews like Doug Emhoff, we don’t need antisemites like the “Squad” or Black Lives Matter to call for the destruction of Israel and attacks on Jews internationally.

His two intermarriages (without halakhic conversions)and his lack of bringing up Jewish children make his choices and actions far worse.

While the fashion press fawns over his daughter Ella Emhoff, Ella enjoys the attention of the media for a very public statement she made on Inauguration Day, 2021.

Emhoff made statements that she was not brought up Jewish, does not consider herself Jewish and doesn’t want to discuss her personal feelings about why with the public.

Little is discussed about Cole, her brother.

Funny, I recall the campaigning in 2020 how Kamala Harris fooled potential Jewish voters and donors by using her stepchildren in a campaign strategy addressing her pro-Israel stand by her speaking about her nickname, “Momala.”

Her professional history or public statements didn’t matter, her “Jewish” stepchildren did.

Even respected Jewish media outlets included in headlines the historic Jewish second family. We now know, it was a campaign game plan and nothing more.

But even worse, religious leadership is still pushing this Jewishness and it sends a dangerous message: If you are an important person who intermarries and raises your children to be goyim, it’s okay and acceptable.

Have these rabbis and leaders heard that there is a “shidduch crisis?”

Have these leaders addressed the problems that assimilation from intermarriages like this have caused?

We must be honest, few intermarriages produce few Jewish children that totally identify themselves as Jewish. These children have less of a connection with Israel. And, Israel has its own issues regarding Halakha and intermarriage.


These same Jews had issues when observant Ivanka was “First Daughter.” Remember the controversial discussions about her Orthodox conversion? How about the anti-Semitic hate every time she and Jared Kushner were involved in a pro-Jewish and/or Zionist policy?

Her toddler children were the targets of hate for wearing yarmulkes and tzitzit while attending Jewish day schools.

So- How Can Doug Emhoff Help His People?

Second Gentleman, Doug Emhoff, can help the Jews, but not as a Jewish spokesperson.

He should use his influence and power as Second Gentleman in the same manner that Karen Pence did, a supporter of Jewish issues and the state of Israel, including the Embassy in Jerusalem and recognition of Judea and Samaria.

Rabbis should stand with him like they did with Al Gore, Dick Cheney, and Joe Biden himself.

By the way, have you noticed how first daughter, Ashley Biden, who is married to Jewish doctor Howard Krein, is “missing in action.”

Jewish intermarriages are nothing new in the White House. Vice President Al Gore’s daughter and Chelsea Clinton come to mind from recent previous administrations.

However, in 2020 and now in 2021, Rabbis, Orthodox rabbis, who believe that a person’s Jewish lineage is from a Jewish mother, a halakhic given, are setting a dangerous precedent.

It’s not political, it’s Jewish survival.

Share your thoughts with me and join Jewish Vote GOP via Zoom on December 8th and meet the candidates looking to flip New Jersey red.

Cindy Grosz is the host of Cindy’s Political Corner which can be downloaded through iHeartRadio, Spotify and all major podcast outlets. She is the chair of Jewish Vote GOP. She can be reached at

Jewish couple kicked off plane for refusing to put holy object on floor

December 5, 2021 Jewish couple kicked off plane for refusing to put holy object on floorA man puts on tefillin (Shutterstock)

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me in America,” said Roberto Birman, who was ejected from the flight after refusing to place a Jewish holy object on the floor of the airplane.

By Lauren Marcus, World Israel News

A Jewish couple is suing American Airlines for damages, after they said they were kicked off a flight for refusing to store the husband’s bag containing Tefillin (phylacteries) on the floor of the aircraft.

Roberto and Elana Birman, residents of Brooklyn originally from Argentina, said they were the victims of religious discrimination by the airline in an interview with the New York Post.

Seated on an aircraft in Miami which was set to depart for New York, the Birmans said that a flight attendant conducting an overhead storage bin check before take-off had spotted the Tefillin bag and demanded it be stored on the floor under his seat.

Roberto Birman, 76, told the flight attendant that “it’s a religious item, it cannot go under the seat.” Birman said the flight attendant snapped “it doesn’t matter” and became aggressive, screaming at him and “pointing her finger.”

“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me in America,” he said, adding that “We use these items every single day to pray.”

Elana Birman, 71, said the request was equivalent to asking a devout Christian to throw a cross on the floor,” and noted her disappointment that none of her fellow passengers intervened on their behalf.

“Nobody said a word. Nobody defended us. It was embarrassing,” she said.

The Birmans said that the pilot entered the cabin but did not speak to them. Rather, a ground crew member asked them to follow him off the plane.

The Birmans did so, without realizing that they had been ejected from the flight. As soon as they’d left the plane, they heard a flight attendant call for someone to “close the gate,” and the couple were unable to reboard. Checked baggage belonging to the Birmans, including critical diabetes medication, was flown through to their destination.

Left without lodging or an alternate flight as a hurricane rolled into Florida, the couple had to stay the night with a friend in Florida.

“My clients were ejected from the flight based on the prejudices and complete lack of sensitivity of American Airlines employees for reasons wholly unrelated to security,” the Birmans’ lawyer, Brad Gerstman, told the Post.

“The flight attendant and pilot’s conduct was as offensive as it was illogical.”

Elana Birman said the couple were “devastated” by being treated like criminals by the air crew, for simply objecting to placing a holy object on the floor of the aircraft.

Ejecting the couple from the flight and berating them in front of the entire plane “was out of proportion,” Roberto Birman said.

The flight attendant was so confrontational, Birman added, “I was shaking.”

“Why are you looking at yourselves?”

  “Why are you looking at yourselves?” (Genesis 42:1) Kislev 29, 5782/December 3, 2021

“Yaakov saw that there was grain being sold in Egypt; so Yaakov said to his sons, “Why are you looking at yourselves?” (Genesis 42:1)

Yosef, upon the merit of his dream interpretation ability, which he attributes solely to G-d, has been taken out of prison by Pharaoh and made viceroy to the most powerful man on earth: “And Pharaoh said to Yosef, “I am Pharaoh, and besides you, no one may lift his hand or his foot in the entire land of Egypt.” (ibid 41:44)

A famine is raging throughout the land and the ten older sons of Yaakov, the very sons who sold Yosef into slavery so many years earlier, seem to be lost in a stupor. Rather than taking action to attain life sustaining food, they are both passive and impassive, neither coming up with a plan nor evincing any sign of concern over the impending threat to their lives or the life of the father Yaakov.

Yaakov, for his part, despite being in a deep state of mourning for his lost son Yosef, whose blood stained tunic his sons presented to him some twenty-two years earlier, was not willing to simply “go gentle into that good night” and severely scolded his ten older sons, snapping, “Why are you looking at yourselves?”

“Why are you looking at yourselves?” Or as we might say today, while are you staring at your navels? Wake up! Do something!

“Why are you looking at yourselves?” – in Hebrew – “Lama titra’u” – can literally be understood either as why are you looking at one another, or as why are you looking at yourselves. Why are you looking at one another – do you expect to find a solution by staring at one another? Will you find an answer in your brother’s face, which is staring blankly back at you? Why are you looking at your inner selves – why are you gazing blankly, totally self-absorbed in deep thought when it is action and not contemplation which is needed?

Our sages in trying to understand Yaakov’s cryptic comment, interpreted lama titra’u as “why do you appear satiated,” as if your bellies are full and the larder is overflowing, when the reality is precisely the opposite.

Nor does Yaakov wait for his boys to wake up. He immediately instructs them to go down to Egypt “and buy us some [grain] from there, so that we will live and not die.” (ibid 42:2)

What has come over the sons of Israel? Their father Yaakov was never at a loss for action, always taking the initiative, both his physical and his spiritual survival always being a top priority. Neither was his father Yitzchak, nor his father Avraham ever passive in the face of a famine, each carefully following G-d’s instructions for survival.

But the ten strong sons of Israel are not hearing G-d’s voice. What has gone wrong? The last we heard of the ten boys (now men) was twenty-two years prior, when, in a fit of jealousy and hurt pride they stripped Yosef of his colorful tunic, threw him in a pit with a plan to kill him, went off to eat lunch and returned, only to sell him to a caravan of passing Yishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver.

Midrash adds that they used their ill-gained cash to buy for each a pair of shoes.

They had done a terrible deed, acting rashly, and only compounded their crime by deceiving their father as to Yosef’s true fate. Thoughtlessly not anticipating the effect the loss of his favorite son would have on Yaakov, they scramble in vain to try to comfort him, but Yaakov “refused to be consoled.” (ibid 37:35)

Only now did the horror of their action begin to sink in. They thought they could do away with Yosef and just as easily go back to life as it was, without their impetuous little brother, the dreamer, to cramp their space.

But it wasn’t to be. We haven’t heard a word about them since they sold Yosef and lied to Yaakov because their lives ever since have been empty of purpose and void of direction. They are currently staring at one another with one paralyzing thought haunting their conscience: what have we done?

Their crime against their brother has not left them for a single day. Its enormity has crushed their spirits, even to the point where dying of famine no longer moves them to action. At the same time, they are also gazing inward, tortured souls struggling in vain to escape the prison they have placed themselves in.

It is true that immediately following the sale of Yosef, Torah related the events of Yehudah, who, in apparent estrangement from his brothers, befriended a stranger by the name of Hirah.

Perhaps he felt he could put the past behind and start a new life. But tragedy followed Yehudah, his two oldest sons perishing, the victims of G-d’s anger, an anger which perhaps was really directed at Yehudah, who was forced to suffer to loss of not one, but two sons.

How ironic.

But unlike his father Yaakov, who maintained his dignity, even in mourning, Yehudah beds a roadside prostitute, condemns his twice widowed daughter-in-law to death when discovering that she is pregnant, only to rescind the verdict when he discovers that it is he, himself, who is the father.

Yosef, the innocent victim of his brothers’ iniquity, can seemingly do no wrong, but nevertheless finds himself in increasingly desperate situations. He is no less a prisoner of his brothers’ crime than they are. True, he has been taken out of prison and placed in command over all Egypt, but he has been in this position before, first in Potiphar’s house and later in prison and it has never ended well.

Who is to say that his stint as Pharaoh’s second in command won’t end in similar tragedy? There is only one thing that can change the fate of Yosef and his brothers, and it begins to emerge slowly only with Yaakov’s scolding of his sons for their indifference to their fate, and that is teshuvah – repentance and forgiveness.

Teshuvah, and only teshuvah, is the key that can unlock the door that is keeping Yosef and his brothers imprisoned within their injured souls.

The first sparks of teshuvah are kindled when Yosef recognizes his brothers who have come to him to purchase grain. He is motivated by their sudden appearance to somehow reconnect, but the path of teshuvah can at times be tortuous, full of twists and turns.

The brothers initial awakening occurs when, pressed by Yosef to disclose their family history and confront their past, look at one another, (again), saying, “Indeed, we are guilty for our brother, that we witnessed the distress of his soul when he begged us, and we did not listen. That is why this trouble has come upon us.” (ibid 42:21)

Teshuvah – repentance and forgiveness, rectification and reconciliation, has begun!

Our sages teach us that even before G-d created the universe, He created teshuvah, for without teshuvah, the G-d given ability to overcome our own crimes and frailties, and to forgive others for their crimes against us, the world cannot exist.

We cannot wake up in the morning nor sleep at night. Life without teshuvah is life in a pit, empty and void of life giving water. It is life in a prison, forgotten by the world at large. Teshuvah is a spiritual force of our existence no less essential than gravity and its counterbalancing forces without which we would be crushed in an instant.

The momentous, life-saving act of repentance and forgiveness that we are witnessing the first stirrings of in parashat Miketz, will ultimately enable Israel to leave the pit of Egypt, arrive united at Sinai, and live as a free people, under G-d, in Israel, today!

Is it Islamophobic to Call Out Ilhan Omar for her Antisemitism? – Analysis

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. (AP/Morry Gash, File)

Ilhan Omar

Dec 3, 2021

The idea that Rep. Ilhan Omar is an innocent victim of a smear is an outrageous lie.

By Jonathan Tobin,

As far as congressional Democrats are concerned, another right-wing nut job needs to be disciplined. The newest target of their ire is Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) who stands accused of Islamophobia and smearing another member of Congress as a terrorist.

Having taken action against two other Republicans over the course of the year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that this time, she’s waiting for Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to punish Boebert.

It will be a long wait. McCarthy and the GOP caucus have had it with what they think is bullying and hypocrisy from their Democratic colleagues. The odds that he will do anything about Boebert are slim to none. That means that before long, House Democrats will convene a vote for censuring Boebert and, like Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.), it’s probable that Boebert will be stripped of her committee assignments.

Democrats consider the unwillingness of the GOP to take on figures like this trio as evidence that their party has been taken over by Trumpist extremists who are enemies of democracy as well as decent behavior. That will be the spin on it from most of the mainstream media and liberal Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

Greene’s past identification with QAnon conspiracies was indefensible. And Gosar’s tweeting out of a photo-shopped cartoon showing him killing creatures with the faces of Democratic members of Congress did transgress the normal rules of congressional conduct. But while Boebert is a loose cannon with no respect for what were once the unquestioned rules of behavior in Congress, any effort to punish her for Islamophobia is a bridge too far.

By choosing to censure Boebert over her comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), the majority will be committing themselves to a narrative in which one of the members of “The Squad”—one of the nation’s leading exponents of anti-Zionist memes—is treated as an injured party innocent of her own brand of hatemongering. That is not the hill for any Democrat to die on—or at least not for any of them who understand that the extremism and antisemitism emanating from the left is a serious problem that cannot be ignored.

Boebert is an easy figure to pillory. She first ran afoul of congressional rules when she demanded that she be given the right to carry a gun on Capitol Hill.

Boebert, who has a concealed carry permit in Colorado, is the proprietor of a restaurant (the Shooters Grill, which is, believe it or not, located in Rifle, Colo.) where the employees are encouraged to openly carry firearms. The entire affair was a publicity stunt in which she was posturing for her constituents, and the congresswoman has since complied with the rules.

Boebert has also been accused of links with QAnon, though that accusation, along with claims that she helped Capitol Hill rioters or gave them tours of the site prior to Jan. 6, has been debunked. What she is guilty of is being a fresh-mouthed political bomb-thrower who is devoted to former President Donald Trump.

What got in her the cross-hairs of the House leadership was an encounter with Omar—or at least what she said happened when the two met in an elevator. Boebert’s account of this incident while speaking to a friendly audience was caught on video and shared on Twitter. In it, she claimed that she entered the elevator and saw a police officer running up in a state of concern. Seeing Omar in the car, she says she assured a staffer: “She doesn’t have a backpack; we should be fine.” She then says she taunted Omar by remarking that “The Jihad Squad showed up for work today.”

Omar says it never happened but still demanded an apology for what she said was an Islamophobic epithet. Boebert subsequently called Omar and admitted that she shouldn’t have said anything that made it seem she was attacking her opponent’s religion, and that publicly boasting about the incident was wrong. But she wouldn’t apologize to the Democrats’ satisfaction.

Seeing that she wasn’t getting what she wanted and offended by the Republican’s demand that she do some apologizing of her own for past remarks, Omar hung up on her.

Chutzpah on Steroids

The Democratic leadership has lined up behind Omar with a statement accusing Boebert of Islamophobia and racism, in addition to a demand that Republicans condemn “bigoted members of their conference.”

Even if we concede that making remarks about a Congress member being a potential suicide bomber—as well as speaking of a “Jihad Squad” and then boasting about it in public is inflammatory, rude and unparliamentary behavior—the notion that Omar is nothing more than an innocent victim of a smear is chutzpah on steroids. More to the point, this incident was made possible not just by Boebert’s penchant for insults but by the failure of the Democratic caucus to discipline Omar and her fellow “Squad” member, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.), for their open antisemitism and extremism.

Omar is the darling of the left because she is an immigrant, a woman of color and, as the head-scarf-wearing first Muslim woman in Congress, a symbol of diversity. But she is also someone who accused AIPAC and the Jewish community of buying Congress (“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby”).

She and Tlaib are also open supporters of the antisemitic BDS movement that targets Jews and seeks the elimination of the one Jewish state on the planet. They have embraced the “apartheid state” lie about Israel and sought to enter it on a trip arranged by a Palestinian group that promoted the classic blood libel that Jews bake Christian blood into matzah. While claiming to oppose terrorism, they have acted as tacit defenders of the Hamas terrorist group, ignoring its criminal behavior while asserting that Israel commits war crimes.

So while Boebert’s barbs went too far, the reason they resonate for many is because Omar is not merely just as extreme as her antagonist (she is an ardent supporter of efforts to defund the police while seeking police protection for herself), she is also someone who deserved to be censured for her antisemitism. Pelosi is mindful of the influence of the left these days and knows that Omar has been treated as a rock star by the liberal press, the late-night comedy shows and other pop-culture outlets. Instead of depriving Omar of committee assignments, she gave her a plum role on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to use as a platform for her hateful agenda.

Democrats may well appease Omar and their activist base by censuring Boebert. But all they’ll be doing is turning Boebert into a Republican heroine. And if, as now seems likely, the GOP wins back control of the House in 2022, the following January we can expect Republicans to prioritize payback in the form of censures of Omar, Tlaib and other radical Democrats.

This is no way to run a Congress. There is plenty of blame to go around for this state of affairs. But right now, Democrats are so wedded to a narrative in which their opponents are all labeled as “insurrectionists” out to destroy democracy, rather than merely political opponents, that it is impossible to imagine a future in which the divide between the parties will not grow even wider and more bitter.

You can’t expect one party to police its extreme members while their opponents treat theirs as beyond reproach. Whatever you may think of Boebert’s posturing about guns, ardent Trumpism or her insulting manner, what Omar has done is to mainstream antisemitism in the public square in a manner that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. Until more Democrats start treating her as an extremist hatemonger rather than a role model, they are in no position to lecture anyone about her critics.

Jonathan S. Tobin is editor in chief of JNS—Jewish News Syndicate. Follow him on Twitter at: @jonathans_tobin.

Despite Saving Lives of US Troops, Biden Shows Israel ‘Ingratitude’

President Joe Biden (L) and PM Naftali Bennett in Washington, Aug. 27, 2021. (GPO)

President Joe Biden (L) and PM Naftali Bennett

Dec 3, 2021

Despite the proven efficiency of Israeli intelligence in saving American lives, the US continues to undermine Israeli interests and actions in Syria and Iran.  

By Toby Siegal

Israeli intelligence and security officials have expressed frustration with the Biden administration over what they perceive as an ongoing campaign by the U.S. to limit Israeli clandestine operations, Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharanoth reported Friday.

The comments were made in regard to the U.S. Commerce Department recently blacklisting two Israeli companies linked to the Israeli government – NSO Group and Candiru – after accusing them of using their technology to “maliciously target” foreign governments, reporters and activists, which the Biden administration has said harms U.S. interests.

However, according to the Yediot Aharanoth report, it seems like the technology provided by those firms and other Israeli intelligence entities, has actually played a major role in saving American troops from Iranian attacks on multiple occasions.

The announcement by the U.S. Commerce Department thus came as a shock to many Israeli officials, who said the move reflected the “ingratitude” of the Biden administration.

One official indicated that until the matter is resolved, Israel will limit its intelligence sharing with the U.S. government.

“We need to notify them that we have no idea why Israeli actions in the cyber world raised American ire, but until we can conclusively settle the matter, and to ensure that, God forbid, we don’t harm American national security interests again, we will suspend the flow of information Israel collects to the U.S. intel community,” an unnamed Israeli official told Yediot Aharanoth.

“Maybe that way, if there is no one to save their soldiers next time around, they will answer their phones,” he added.

The latest notable incident of Israeli intelligence preventing American casualties in the Middle East took place on October 20, when a drone attack carried out by Iran targeted a U.S. military base in southern Syria.

Despite the “deliberate and coordinated,” the attack cause no casualties, as the 200 American troops stationed at the base were evacuated hours before the attack after being by Israeli intelligence.

The Friday report also mentions an incident that took place in January 2020, when Iran launched a barrage of missiles against American troops in Iraq, targeting some 1,500 U.S. personnel. This potentially deadly incident was also prevented thanks to a last-minute warning by Israel, leading the troops to take shelter in reinforced bunkers before the missiles hit.

Despite these and other incidents that have proven the efficiency of Israeli intelligence gathering in the region, the Biden administration has continued to undermine Israeli interests and actions in Syria and Iran.

In November, it was reported that the Biden administration had attempted to warn Israel against attacking Iran’s nuclear sites, insisting that such actions were “counterproductive,” a warning that Israel has dismissed.

Does the Vatican have the Jewish Temple treasures? – opinion

Jerusalem PostOpinion

Could it be that after 2,000 years behind closed doors, the ownership of these historical religious artifacts is being debated/disputed?

By HARRY H. MOSKOFF Published: DECEMBER 1, 2021 21:22

 A HALL INSIDE the Vatican Museum. (photo credit: Gary Krupp)

A HALL INSIDE the Vatican Museum. (photo credit: Gary Krupp)

An age-old question that always seems to come up from generation to generation. Furthermore, if credible proof were to be found, who would take ownership of it moving forward?

Well, one thing we all know for-sure is that it wouldn’t be you or me.

Take a hypothetical scenario: Pretend for a moment that the Vatican Church in Rome has in its possession some sacred and precious relics that were originally in the Herodian Temple located in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago.

If you were a pope living in the 15th century, for instance, and you could verify this fact, you would ask yourself, how indeed such Jewish artifacts had come to your residence in the first place.

After some digging around (no pun intended), you would have found that your new Vatican residence was actually built over the one and only Caesar’s Palace.

The Vatican, and some include St. Peter’s Basilica as well, was constructed over Emperor Vespasian’s Roman palace approximately 200 years after the sacking of Rome in 455 AD.

Most scholars tend to overlook this important fact. In fact, there are excavations going on over there right now, even as you read this.

What all this means is that the Vandals and the Visigoths overlooked, or simply couldn’t find, the select treasures that were secreted away in that palace, and instead took with them the many Temple items on public display there at the Temple of Peace.

It says in the Talmud in various places that the famous Jewish sage, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (author of the Zohar) and his colleagues went to Rome in order to nullify harsh decrees placed on Judea, and while there, saw the exact items I mention below in this article.

They ended up being royal guests at Vespasian’s palace when asked to attend to heal his ailing daughter. When they miraculously did heal her, they were afforded the chance to see these extremely holy items, proving that they were in that place.

According to Dr. Michael A. Calvo those vessels found their way to the Vatican via another route; after making their way to the Byzantine Empire.

“These include Temple candelabra given to Pope Innocent III by Baldwin I after the sacking of Constantinople and the massacre of the Christian Orthodox population, Temple shofars and utensils, garments of the High Priest… and many other objets d’art, books and manuscripts that the Vatican and other churches have appropriated and placed in their own storerooms, libraries and museums,” he wrote, in a piece titled “The Holy See and Israel,” published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.THE SECOND Temple, model in the Israel Museum, 2008. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)THE SECOND Temple, model in the Israel Museum, 2008. (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

So now what to do? There’s no State of Israel, the sole worldwide representative of the Jewish People, to give the items back to. That won’t happen for another five centuries!

Fast forward to present-day reality. Roman Catholic relations with Israel are on the rise, interrelations dialogue and cooperation with the Jewish State is apparently the new in-thing, and there are even several Jews that have been knighted by recent Popes.

So why not hand over whatever is there now?

As you can imagine, it’s not that simple. There’s this one thing in the way. In this age of political correctness, we are forced to ask an odd question: What if the Jewish People are no longer the legitimate owners of this ancient treasure?

What about replacement theology? Could it be that after 2,000 years behind closed doors, the ownership of these historical religious artifacts is being debated/disputed?

The same way for instance, that legal ownership of Jerusalem is currently being debated/disputed?

I say, yes.

This is not just food for thought folks. Believe it or not, and with all due respect, I have reason to suggest here (without getting into too much detail) that this is part and parcel of a new attitude and approach, an indication of what’s really being discussed in the long corridors of Rome, the United Nations, the EU and also the Palestinian Authority.

And it has a name: ‘Lawfare.’

CASE IN POINT. Not too long ago PA President Mahmoud Abbas had a Papal consultation with Pope Francis.


After agreeing that the two-state solution was the only way forward to make peace with Israel, Abbas stated that with respect to the advent of a Palestinian capital, “Jerusalem’s identity must be preserved through a special internationally guaranteed status.”

In other words, the territory that used to belong to Israel so long ago is no proof necessarily that it belongs to them today, according to international law.

Of course, I personally strongly disagree, but that last sentence has substance, and deserves repeating. There’s more.

The official liaise of the Pope to Israel, Papal Nuncio Archbishop, Father Giuseppe Lazzarotto, stated in his official letter (dated November 15, 2013), that if the Temple treasures do in fact still exist, surely the Church would return those lost items to their “legitimate owners.”

Let that sink in.

Having said that, I’m willing to make a wager that as sure as the sun rises in the east, if the United Nations and/or the International Court in the Hague were to lay down a ruling that any items from the Jerusalem Temple were now to have a special international ownership status and therefore be kept in a Smithsonian Museum somewhere (most likely in the West Bank or perhaps Mount Zion), everything would indeed change.

No more need for the Vatican to ignore the elephant in the room; diplomatic evasion no longer required.

And yes, at that point, I’m sure. I’m sure that the prefect superintendent would take everything out for the entire world.

At the end of the day though, as mentioned above, the proof is in the pudding. First-hand Vatican sightings that I’ve included in my book series The A.R.K. Report include the oldest (and very fragile) Torah scroll taken from the Temple building, the golden head plate of the High Priest with the holy Name of God engraved on it (tzitz in Hebrew), the giant curtain that hung from the Temple entrance (parokhet in Hebrew) that still has the tear from Titus’ sword in it, trumpets, and various other ritual utensils to boot.

Currently in my possession are Medieval travelogues, manuscripts from the 1930s and ‘50s, materials from the 1990s, and right up to something recent that happened just two years ago concerning an Israeli guard working at an Italian security firm, who went down there and saw what he saw.

These are accounts from all walks of life, including big Rabbis, Italian soldiers, Holocaust survivors, and perhaps most importantly to me, a personal acquaintance I used to pray with at the Western Wall.

I must note that it’s not just the Vatican that is involved. I also have reason to suggest that the British Museum in London has many smaller vessels from Herod’s Temple, specifically copper altar utensils.

The main concern here lies on the political level:

Why wait until some arbitrary ruling comes forth from the powers that be (think UN Security Council Resolution 2334) designating, in this case the lost Temple vessels, as something other than that of 100% Jewish/Israeli ownership?

Indeed, it’s worthy to raise some awareness that potentially this could amount to a huge betrayal of Jewish history. Although the status quo vis-à-vis the hidden Temple treasures has remained stagnant for millennia, one can assume that it won’t go on like that forever.

Either way, like in the case of Jerusalem, decisions will eventually be made.

Unless the State of Israel starts preparing a legal case proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that these ancient Temple artifacts fully belong here in Jerusalem as the everlasting national heritage of the Jewish people, we all might have to face a new reality coming down from the UN sometime soon.

The writer is an investigative archaeologist, Temple scholar, award-winning film producer, and author of The A.R.K. Report. He is a longtime member of the White House press pool covering the geopolitical status of Jerusalem and surrounding areas. He can be reached at:

If Israel swallows Arab propaganda on Judea and Samaria why shouldn’t EU and UN?

Israel’s MFA website has given some of the Arab revisionist rewrite of history unwarranted credibility. Opinion.

Tags: David Singer Mandate For Palestine Samaria & Judea David Singer , Dec 01 , 2021 11:10 AM Share
Dry Bones: Israel swallows Arab liesDry Bones: Israel swallows Arab lies Y. Kirschen

United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) and Arab propaganda has perverted the history of the Arab-Jewish conflict. Their heinous conduct enables them to falsely claim that Jews have no legal right to live in Judea and Samaria (‘West Bank’).

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has seemingly swallowed parts of their disingenuous narrative hook line and sinker.

Achieving this triumvirate’s sinister agenda has been amazingly simple: Start with the year 1967 – instead of 1920 – when talking about resolving a conflict that has in fact been raging for more than 100 years.

Doing so has seen the UN, EU and Arab propagandists:

-Term the conflict: The “Israel-Arab conflict” or the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict” – instead of what it has always been – the “Jewish-Arab conflict”.

-Ignore that Arabs living in Palestine in 1922 were only regarded as part of the “existing non-Jewish communities” – that “Israelis” and “Palestinians” did not then exist.

-Paper over that the San Remo Conference and Treaty of Sevres in 1920 decided that:

Arab self-determination was to occur in 99.99% of the territory captured from the Ottoman Empire in World War 1 – including those territories designated under the Mandate for Syria and Lebanon and the Mandate for Mesopotamia (now Iraq)

Jewish self-determination was to occur in the remaining 0.01% – “Palestine” – under the Mandate for Palestine (Mandate) – unanimously adopted by all 51 member states of the League of Nations in 1922

-Avoid any consideration or discussion that under the Mandate:

The territory of Palestine encompassed what is today called Jordan (78%), Israel (17%), and the ‘West Bank’ and Gaza (5%)

Jews were prevented from reconstituting the Jewish National Home in Jordan under article 25 of the Mandate – but “close settlement by Jews” in Judea and Samaria was to be encouraged under article 6 and that the right of Jews to do so was expressly reserved under article 80 of the UN Charter notwithstanding the subsequent demise of the League of Nations in 1946.

Self-determination for the Palestinian Arabs was achieved in 78% of Palestine in 1946 when Jordan (then called Transjordan) was granted its independence by Great Britain.

-Not condemn the ethnic cleansing of every Jew living in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967.

-Use the 1950 Arab-coined name “West Bank” to replace the 3000 years old UN-recognised name “Judea and Samaria”

-Cover up that the “Palestinians” were not identified or defined until 1964 under article 6 of the PLO Charter and that they made no claim to regional sovereignty under article 24 to “the West Bank of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” or “on the Gaza Strip”.

-Disregard that Transjordan was unified with Judea and Samaria between 1950 and 1967 to form a single Palestinian Arab state – renamed Jordan – that all its residents were Jordanian citizens.

Falsely claiming Jews have no legal right to live in Judea and Samaria reeks of Jew-hatred.

Israel’s MFA website has given some of this revisionist rewrite of history unwarranted credibility:

“Israel’s territory according to the agreed 1949 Armistice Demarcation Line encompassed about 78% of the Mandate area, while the other parts, namely the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, were occupied by Jordan and Egypt respectively.”

Israel’s territory only encompassed about 17% – not 78% – of the Mandate Area. The remaining 83% comprised Jordan (78%) and Judea and Samaria (‘West Bank’) and the Gaza Strip (5%).

Using the stand-alone term “West Bank” expunges recognition of that territory’s Jewish identity as “Judea and Samaria” – part of the Jewish People’s ancient biblical and historic homeland.

Words count.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry needs to correct these monumental gaffes.

Author’s note: The cartoon — commissioned exclusively for this article — is by Yaakov Kirschen aka “Dry Bones”- one of Israel’s foremost political and social commentators — whose cartoons have graced the columns of Israeli and international media publications for decades.

David Singer is an Australian lawyer who is active in Zionist community organizations in that country. He founded the “Jordan is Palestine” Committee in 1979.

Israel commemorates expulsion of Jews from Arab lands

The underlying message by all the speakers was that more than two thousand years of the achievements and traditions of Jews in Arab lands had been largely ignored in Israel.

By GREER FAY CASHMAN Published: NOVEMBER 30, 2021 17:59

Jewish refugees from Triploi arrive in Haifa 521 (photo credit: Arnold Behr/Jerusalem Post Archives)

Jewish refugees from Triploi arrive in Haifa 521 (photo credit: Arnold Behr/Jerusalem Post Archives)

November 30 has been designated as the official date on which the fleeing or expulsion of Jews from Arab and Islamic lands is commemorated in Israel and throughout the Jewish world.

A clue as to the reason for this was provided on Tuesday by Dr. Shimon Ohayon of the World Federation of Sephardi Jews who said that when the vote for the partition of Palestine was cast at the United Nations General Assembly on November 29, 1947, for the Egyptian representative warned that if the resolution passed, Jews in Arab countries would pay a heavy price – and indeed that is exactly what happened.

There were pogroms in which many Jews were killed, Jewish homes and places of business were ransacked, destroyed and synagogues were violated and vandalized.

Ohayon, a former MK, in 2014 initiated the bill for recognizing November 30 as the official date for commemorating the exodus of Jews from Arab lands. Of the Egyptian Jews 40% fled, leaving all their assets behind, said Ohayon, adding that the Arab League incited violence against Jews throughout the Arab world.

Ohayon was speaking at the official state commemoration for Jews who had been forced to leave Arab and Muslim lands. President Isaac Herzog and Social Equality and Pensioners Minister Meirav Cohen (Yesh Atid) also addressed the commemoration ceremony.President Isaac Herzog speaks on the first night of Hanukkah at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, November 28, 2021. (credit: KOBI GIDEON/GPO)President Isaac Herzog speaks on the first night of Hanukkah at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, November 28, 2021. (credit: KOBI GIDEON/GPO)

The underlying message by all the speakers as well as by compère and radio and television personality Jackie Levy was that more than two thousand years of the achievements and traditions of Jews in Arab lands, had been largely ignored in Israel, and it was imperative for the stories to be told.

Herzog himself said that even though immigrants from Arab lands and Iran had arrived in Israel with virtually nothing, there was a spark of optimism in that they had overcome their difficulties and had contributed to the upbuilding of the nation.

Cohen was the symbol of this, Herzog said, noting that her grandparents Saadia and Sala had come from Morocco and had been sent to Ramle, where Saadia worked very hard to provide for his family, and today his granddaughter is a minister in the government of Israel.

Long before  Cohen’s grandparents and others like them came to Israel, said Herzog, there had been a steady trickle of migration from Morocco for some five hundred years. There is no doubt about the how or the why Jews left Arab lands, and to this day, no Arab government has accepted responsibility, said Herzog.

Acknowledging that more of the story must be told, Herzog praised a woman in the audience who has put the story of Iraqi Jews on the Internet for the whole of the world to see.

He was hopeful that changes in the region and the normalization of relations between Israel and various Muslim countries will help to strengthen relations between Israel and the few Jews still living in those countries.

Cohen said that the story of her family was more or less that of every family who came to Israel in the 1950s. She also insisted that they had been misrepresented as pure refugees, when in fact they came with the same commitment as the early pioneers.

“We have to understand that our parents were heroes even if they were not doctors and lawyers,” she said. “They were the ones who settled in development towns and built them up, but somehow never felt as if they were part of Israeli mainstream society.”

Although she did not directly attribute this to a failure on the part of the education system, she noted that while most Israelis are aware of the Kishinev pogrom, they are ignorant of the pogroms in Morocco, Iraq and Algeria.

This is something that must be rectified, she insisted. “Every child should be taught this as part of Zionist history.”

Admitting that there is still discrimination against Jews from Arab lands despite their contributions in every field of Israel’s endeavors, she said that the only way to tackle this problem is through social solidarity.

Altogether, the estimate is that some 850,000 Jews who were living in Arab and Muslim lands left at some stage during the 20th century. The largest number of Jew forced out of their countries – some 259,000 – were from Morocco, followed by 140,000 from Algeria and 100,000 from Tunisia. Other countries included Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria and Iran.