Twitter Obstructs Justice…!

I have not violated any Twitter rules, nor have I “threatened, harrassed, or otherwise violated any civil or religious rights of anyone” the law does not permit the advocacy of islamic terrorism or Islamic pedophilia or threatening someone with execution for speaking the truth about muhammad the pedophile and false prophet whose quran advocates the establishment of a world wide hashemite caliphate and the imposition of sharia, including the fomenting of a world wide intifada and the genocide of the Jews and their Zionist supporters…! – I have a right to freely access the internet from my Twitter account and I have a civil rights case against Twitter – I demand- as a member of the US Army that Twitter unlock my Twitter account and pay damages and permit me to freely communicate with law enforcement and other officials of the US and Israeli governments…!

See Hummasti v Pakistan, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals No. 22-35091 and USA v Ahlam Ahmad al-tamimi, WA DC District Court No. 1:13-mj-580 – If you fail to unlock my Twitter account you will be charged with obstruction of justice and held accountable, including money damages…! Do not play games with me…! Yochanan Ezra ben Avraham de’Hurst – United States Army – Unit Armorer and Supply Specialist – Armory 02-3-39th Military Police Brigade, 2704 SE 136th Ave, Portland, Oregon USA 97236-2806 503-327-5268 johnhummasti@johnmhummasti333455225


2 thoughts on “Twitter Obstructs Justice…!

  1. Twitter is a sewer, the home of the worst example of the dregs of humanity, which is why I refer to it as antisocial media and stay well away. Good luck with your civil rights case. A shame you can’t organise a class action.


    1. I filed a Motion in the US District Court USA v Ahlam Ahmad al-tamimi, WA DC District Court No. 1:13-mj-580 for Appointment of Legal Counsel Kevin Kerr, Maurice Hirsch, and Ehud Olmert to advise, aid, assist and represent me in the Courts…!
      Elon Musk is going to clean up the sewer that twitter has become and make it “a better place” —
      In the mean time – Game on!

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