The “Outrage” Continues….

The Arabs are reported here: Jordan fumes after court allows Jews to pray on Temple Mount and here: Palestinians outraged over court ruling allowing Jewish prayer on Temple Mount to be “outraged” at the Jerusalem District Court’s ruling which allows Jewish prayer on Har HaBayith (The Temple Mount).

Rather than admit that the real “Al Aqsa Mosque” is in Jiranah, Saudi Arabia as this Egyptian Scholar has done: The Arabs continue to inflame the masses to incite hatred of the Jews.

In fact Saudi lawyer, Osama Yemani admits that the real “Al Aqsa Mosque” was a place frequented by Muhammad when he was on his way to Ta’af.

In the Book of Raids, early Muslim historian and biographer Waqidi described Muhammad’s stay in the village of Jiranah a few miles outside Mecca. He wrote, “The Prophet arrived in Jiranah on Thursday, and remained 13 nights. He then departed Jiranah after praying at the Al-Aqsa Mosque located on the shore of the river bed. The Prophet used to pray there whenever he came to Jiranah.”

It doesn’t occur to Muslims that there was no Mosque on the Temple Mount during Muhammad’s lifetime. Rather than ask “How could Muhammad have visited a non-existent Mosque?” which was built in the 7th Century – the Muslims continue to perpetrate a lie and inflame religious passions!

And the “Outrage” Continues…!

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