Jewish Sovereignty

Amichai :


I read your latest article [Citizenship Based on Torah: The Alternative] and say that I can’t agree with you more. The Zionist State is not the Jewish State.

While your article discussed the non-Jewish citizenship of Arabs in the modern state of Israel I think you might have been remiss in not discussing the concept of the Ger to-Shav (resident alien) as it relates to the December 1948 Jericho Conference wherein the Arabs of Eretz Yisrael voted by delegates for Abdullah I to be their sovereign and were thereafter “collectively naturalized” as citizens of trans-Jordan. (The fact that King Hussein de-naturalized the Arabs is of no consequence because international law classifies the Arabs (of the PLO and Hamas factions) as unprivileged enemy combatants due to the “Black September” 1970-1971 Jordanian Civil War… as well as the unchanged 1964 PLO Charter. See: )

Since Jews never left Eretz Yisrael but rather have maintained a 3,000+ yrs continuous presence in the land, the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Eretz Yisrael extends to all of M’dinat Eretz Yisrael. That is since Jews never left they possess sovereignty over all of Israel including over all of Judea and Shomron. Please read “Self-Determinism” –

As such I’ve exercised my duty as a Jew and drafted and published a Constitution for the Kingdom of Eretz Yisrael:

Call me crazy, nuts, meshuggena, whatever. But in American jurisprudence, the law recognizes a class of one as well as personal sovereignty (sui generis) especially where such sovereignty is unclouded.

And then there is recognition given to the Holy See as a non-territorial state…. So I have done nothing unusual. Now if I were to make a claim that Rabbi Dayan should be king in Eretz Yisrael since he is a direct descendant of King David, that would be unusual.

Aboriginal or indigenous title is thus a sui generis concept.
Like the Native American or Canada’s First Nation, the Jewish people possesses a unique status as an indigenous body politic. Thus, Jewish sovereignty permeates Eretz Yisrael….
kol tov,
Yochanan Ezra

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  1. Good update our dad in Chief nice knowing the practice through you thank for supporting our process


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