pidyon shvuyim – Batel Peretz

Halacha Says We Redeem Batel Peretz First On a regular shabbos, Batel would be in her parents’ house. Maybe she would sleep in, and sleepily walk out to have her morning coffee and a cookie that her mother made for kiddush. She would spend time with her family, have the seuda, maybe take a nap or read a book.

This shabbos – was different. 

Recently, Batel and 3 friends were offered an “all expenses paid” trip to Bulgaria by a member of our community, in exchange for bringing a suitcase with items perfectly legal in Israel. Growing up sheltered, they had know idea they were being tricked. Upon arrival, they were arrested and brought to prison. She has been subjected to harsh conditions unheard of in the Israeli or US penal system and sentenced to a shocking 15 years in prison.

This shabbos was spent by Batel in a cold, dark jail cell. She was surrounded by violent criminals who hate Jews. She feared for her life. She cried for her future. She cried to be in her parents’ home on shabbos once more.

Her family is desperately trying to raise enough money to hire lawyers and translators to free Batel from prison and bring her back to Israel. This is a real and genuine case of pidyon shvuyim. 

We are trying to raise money for Pidyon Shvuyim. Our goal is for 500 people to donate $390. The reward for this Mitzvah will surely stand you in good stead.
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