Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries, WHY NOW?

“It is time for the Arab League, not just to make diktats for a resolution to the conflict, but also accept their great responsibility for driving out almost a million Jews from lands which they had lived in for millennia,” MK Ohayon continued. “I call on the Arab League not just to take responsibility but also to provide redress to the Jewish refugees.

“This is a matter of justice and rights and has been ignored by the Arab League and the international community for too long. It is time to place the rights of the Jewish refugees from Arab lands at the forefront of the push for peace and reconciliation in our region.”

John M Hummasti's Blog

Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries

The Case for Rights and Redress


“Eighth is the importance of the principle of reconciliation. In the case studies of major conflicts in which state-sanctioned violations have been perpetrated against victim populations, the basic principles of victim rights – the right to memory, the duty of remembrance, the pursuit of truth, the right to justice and redress, the duty of accountability, and the duty of State Responsibility –

have all been demonstrated to be prerequisites to reconciliations between peoples as well as between states. Accordingly, the integrity of the Middle East peace process requires an acknowledgement of the

truth and justice that underpin the conflict – particularly as it pertains to the Jewish refugee population. Not only has this been ignored in terms of the Jewish victim population, but it has been utterly excluded from any narrative of justice, accountability, and peace.


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